About Us

Rangemark was born out of Kathryn Wieldraayer's passion for pattern making and inspired by her great-grandfather's coastal Maine painting studio of the same name. "As part of a multigenerational family of artists I've always been drawn to patterns and the feeling one gets from producing and seeing a truly unique pattern."

Each Rangemark piece is block printed in our studio in Chattanooga and sewn into the final product by women in our community. We are dedicated to making products in a way that allows us not only to participate in our local community but to also have great control over the quality and craftsmanship with which our products are made. All of this points back to our mission to bring beauty into the home in a way that cultivates a warm, inviting space to live and entertain in.

Rangemark Textiles from Make Beautiful on Vimeo.


*** Please note that since this video was made, we switched our production process from screen printing to block printing. However, the rest of the video is an accurate portrayal of our business.